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        ADD: No.265 Beisihuan Zhonglu, Beijing, P.R.China
        Zip code: 100083
        Tel: 010-82379010
        Fax: 010-82379088
        Email: info@caiec.cn

        Your location:Home-Humanities environment

         Talent Concept

        Caring for the Talents, and Raising their Values:
        —We uphold the values and concept of the company, are willing to devote ourselves to the missions and visions of the company, and are the able people that can create values for the customers and the company.

        Caring for the talents:
        —The company regards the talents as its treasures, constantly improves the talent-introducing, assessment and incentive systems, and establishes a competition and selection system that is fair and open, thus promoting the standing out of the talents with integrity. We scientifically set up posts to arrange the talents reasonably, thus realizing every one can display their talents and the talents are fully displayed.

        Raising their values:
        —The company fully respects every employee, actively helps them do profession planning and training, creates a environment conducive to their study and improvement. These measures not only assist the employees accumulate knowledge and improve professional proficiency, but cultivate knowledge talents for the company.