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        About Us


        ADD: No.265 Beisihuan Zhonglu, Beijing, P.R.China
        Zip code: 100083
        Tel: 010-82379010
        Fax: 010-82379088
        Email: info@caiec.cn

        Your location:Home-Voice of President

        Since the establishment, CAIEC has adhered to the concept of innovation and credibility, expanded its business scale, and enhanced the its strength so as to realize the maximization of its social values.              

        For many years, CAIEC focus on international and domestic trade as well as strengthen the construction of production base and distribution channels. Besides, our company opens up the general contracting areas in international projects, fully integrates its advantageous resources, realizes the diverse development of the combination of trade and projects, provides high-quality products and services for customers, keeps advancing continuously and actively forges ahead. Besides, we have established sound partnerships and cooperation with the businessmen from tens of countries and regions in the world. We seek for development in the competition, establish our reputation in cooperation, keep improving our own quality continuously, spare no efforts to obtain customer satisfaction, pay back our shareholders practically, help employees gain success, provide services for customers, make contributions to society and realize win-win results among multiple sides. 

        In order to better inherit CAIEC’s mission of “base on circulation, combine industry and trade, serve society”, construct one internationally well-known industrial trade enterprise, CAIEC still has a long way to go with heavy burdens. We need to take an inclusive attitude toward the historical changes. We always stick to the value orientation of “cooperation for co-development, credibility for win-win, innovation for co-prosperity”. We will keep highly spirited, cooperate hand in hand with one goal, forge ahead continuously so as to compose a more brilliant chapter in the future.