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        News & Events 


        ADD: No.265 Beisihuan Zhonglu, Beijing, P.R.China
        Zip code: 100083
        Tel: 010-82379010
        Fax: 010-82379088
        Email: info@caiec.cn

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        Seminar on Lean Production and Multi-national Purchasing in China’s High-end Manufacturing Enterprises for 2025 was held in Beijing Successfully

        Seminar on Lean Production and Multi-national Purchasing in China’s High-end Manufacturing Enterprises for 2025, co-sponsored by China Auto CAIEC LTD (CAIEC) and China Galaxy Securities was held in Beijing from March 5th to 6th, 2016. Vice president and the deputy party secretary of CAIEC Lou ZHigang addressed this seminar.

        During the seminar, dozens of guests from academic, enterprising and capital institutions such as Chinese Academy of Science, Tsinghua University, TOYOTA, BOSCH, BMW China and Hongyuan Securities delivered speeches around high-end manufacturing industry, lean production and multi-national purchasing.

        This seminar has assisted the participating enterprises to have insight into the developing trend of high-end manufacturing industries like automobile industry and learn the lean production practice of world top multi-national corporations including BOSCH and TOYOTA. Also, the requirement as well as the process to the suppliers proposed by world leading firms such as BOSCH and BMW has been presented so that these enterprises could hold more opportunities to supply for transnational corporations.

        There were over 20 entrepreneurs from leading auto talents and more than 100 guests from all walks of life taking part in the seminar.