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        News & Events 


        ADD: No.265 Beisihuan Zhonglu, Beijing, P.R.China
        Zip code: 100083
        Tel: 010-82379010
        Fax: 010-82379088
        Email: info@caiec.cn

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        China Auto CAIEC LTD. and Federal-Mogul Motorparts Announce Strategic Expansion of Automotive Aftermarket Business in China

        December 1, 2015 CHINA AUTO CAIEC LTD. (CAIEC forshort) and Federal-Mogul Motorparts, a division of Federal-MogulHoldings Corporation (NASDAQ: FDML), today announced the formation of a jointventure, Federal-Mogul CAIEC Automotive Technology Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (MOTORCARE for short), focused on automotiveaftermarket vehicle repair business within China. 

        As a giant Sino-US joint venture thatcomprehensively integrates channels and resources, it has thoroughly utilizedthe advantages of Federal-Mogul Motorpartsin globalized procurement, product research, development and certification,supply chain system, internationalized management experience and the strongbrand superiority; the strength of CAIEC as a central enterprise, the superiorbrand reputation, and the sufficient superiorities of the industry, governmentresources and channels; through SINOMACH Automobile Co., Ltd., a platform that’slisted on the market, MOTORCARE takes the integration of the whole industrialchain of automobile after-sales market as the origin of force, and thepossession of all categories of branded components as the solid foundation tocomprehensively open up the industrial chain of after-sales service.